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REM Music

Retro Energy Makes Music is whatever you want to make it - a brand, a music group, a movement, a lifestyle. To us, it's two small town artists trying to make a global impact. We attempt to take the old sounds you love and grew up with, and blend it with all the best parts of today and tomorrow. 

DJing Isn't The Half of It

Even though REM is focused on the expanding world of EDM, our roots come from hip hop, latin, rock, and blues music. We attempt to bring the best aspects of the last 100 years into every set we play. Let us take you through a musical journey, or melt your face off - your choice. 


"Nothing but success when this team of guys does your show. The production is always eye catching and to your liking, but most importantly cost effective."

-- Jamison Wray, Artist

UF Vet Prom.jpg

"(Juice) was awesome, he played music that was suited for all age groups and really kept the party going! Thanks for making my graduation party a hit!"

-- Jennifer D., Recent Graduate

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